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Mehinovic v. Vuckovic

Torture and Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Client Profiles

Profile of Safet Hadzialijagic
On April 20, 1992, Hadzialijagic was arrested and forcibly escorted out of his apartment by Serb police. Over the next year, Hadzialijagic was transferred among at least six different detention centers, where he was tortured, mutilated and subjected to games of Russian roulette.
Profile of Muhamed Bicic
Muhamed Bicic was abducted by Serb gunmen in April 1992, during the Bosnian War, and detained for six months. During his imprisonment he was severely beaten and now deals with lifelong physical and mental trauma.
Profile of Hasan Subasic
Hasan Subasic was arrested on April 24, 1992 and detained for 27 months by Serb police, who beat him and forcibly extracted five of his teeth during interrogations.
Profile of Kemal Mehinovic
Kemal Mehinovic was abducted from his home by Bosnian Serb policemen and forced into a van. For the next two and a half years, Kemal was detained and severely tortured by his own neighbor, a Bosnian Serb soldier named Nicola Vuckovic. When Kemal discovered that his former torturer had found safe haven in the U.S., he worked with CJA to bring Vuckovic to justice.