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CJA Files Case Against Former Pinochet Officer for Death of Legendary Chilean Folksinger Víctor Jara


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Ex-Salvadoran General May be Deported for Human Rights Violations

04/11/2014: An immigration judge has found that former Salvadoran defense minister Garcia should be deported because of his involvement in a number of human rights violations, including the assassination of Archbishop Romero, the murder of four American churchwomen and El Mozote massacre where over 800 citizens were killed by the military. The decision was issued on 2/26/14 but recently became public due tor a Freedom of Information Act request by The New York Times. Click here for the press release, here to read a summary of the decision, and here to read the NYT article.

Senate Votes to Release Torture Report

04/03/2014: The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee voted today to declassify the most comprehensive report on the post-9/11 CIA torture program. It is now up to the White House to ensure the release of this important document. CJA joins human rights groups around the world in calling for the full release of this report and, if warranted, the prosecution of the U.S. officials responsible for torture.

New Hope for Justice in Sri Lanka

03/27/2014: The United Nations Human Rights Council voted to open an international investigation into possible war crimes by both the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tiger rebels in the final stages of a 26-year civil war that ended in 2009. This investigation is an important step towards breaking the cycle of impunity that fuels ongoing and serious human rights violations in Sri Lanka today. Read more here.

Guatemala Attorney General Paz y Paz Seeking Second Term

03/07/2014: Guatemala Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz has announced she will seek a second term. The Constitutional Court is currently forcing Paz y Paz to step down before her first terms officially ends. As Attorney General, Dr. Paz y Paz has made unprecedented strides in human rights – most notably with the genocide trial of General Rios Montt. Dr. Paz y Paz was CJA’s 2013 Judith Stronach Awardee.

New Report Points to Recurring Crimes Against Humanity in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province

03/04/2014: A new report by Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, endorsed by CJA, finds credible allegations of post-war international crimes by government forces against Tamils in Sri Lanka’s north, nearly five years after the end of a three-decade civil war. These findings challenge the Sri Lankan government’s claims of post-war progress and underscore the urgent need to fight impunity with accountability. Click here to read the report; CJA's foreword starts on page vi.

CJA Files Case Against Former Pinochet Officer for Torture and Death of Legendary Chilean Folksinger Víctor Jara

09/05/2013: CJA and pro bono counsel Chadbourne & Parke LLP, filed suit on behalf of the surviving family members of folksinger Víctor Jara – Victor Jara’s wife, Joan Jara and their two daughters, against former Pinochet Officer Pedro Pablo Barrientos Nuñez (“Barrientos"). The complaint alleges that Barrientos personally tortured and executed Mr. Jara during the mass detention in the Chile Stadium. Read more here.

Ex-Salvadoran Col. Montano Sentenced to 21 mos. in U.S. Prison for Immigration Fraud

08/27/2013: Defendant Col. Montano was sentenced by a federal judge in Boston to 21 months in prison for immigration fraud and perjury. Col. Montano entered federal prison on October 11, 2013. The next step is for him to be extradited to Spain to stand trial for his role in the massacre. Read more here.

Ex-Somali Colonel Ordered to Pay $15 Million!

08/21/2013: Judge Mark Abel awarded $15 million in damages to CJA client Professor Abukar Hassan Ahmed (pictured here). This judgment was the first to hold a member of the notorious Somali National Security Service accountable for human rights violations committed under the brutal military dictatorship of Siad Barré. Nearly 25 years after his torture, Professor Ahmed has found justice in a U.S. court. Read more here.