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Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice

What is Transitional Justice?

Transitional justice describes a range of judicial and non-judicial strategies used to deal with a legacy of human rights abuses and armed conflict in a given country.  These strategies have a variety of goals: to hold those who had command responsibility for systematic abuses legally accountable; to help repair social divisions caused by conflict; to provide survivors with a full accounting and acknowledgement of the abuses that occurred; to offer material and moral reparations to survivors; and to reform key state institutions including the military, police and judiciary in order to ensure that the pattern of human rights violations is not repeated.

Our Transitional Justice Work

CJA works directly with foreign governments on a variety of transitional justice initiatives.  We work alongside in-country prosecutors to hold human rights abusers criminally accountable in national courts - especially where defendants in CJA’s universal jurisdiction (UJ) cases have been deported or extradited to stand trial in the home country.  CJA attorneys provide expertise on witness preparation and testimony, the introduction of evidence, charging human rights crimes and other areas of human rights prosecutions.  We also organize trainings that bring together faculties of judges, prosecutors, investigators and forensic anthropologists with strong track records in national court human rights prosecutions.  The focus of our training work is on imparting the practical “how to” specifics of bringing successful national court prosecutions and focusing on the actual, day to day obstacles prosecutors and NGO lawyers face in fighting impunity.

Where We Work

Assisting the Truth Trials for the Disappeared of La Plata.
Helping the Truth Commission Pursue Criminal Accountability
The Guatemala Evidence Project
Prosecuting Human Rights Crimes in National Courts: A Training Session
The Fujimori Trial and the Census of the Disappeared
The Forensic Investigation of War Crimes
Advising the legal team in the Tibet Genocide Case before the Spanish National Court.